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Making a pillow is not a particularly difficult job for those who know how to do a minimum with sewing, but, on the contrary, very simple and rewarding. It is possible to furnish your own home giving the sofa a personal and artistic look, creating one or more cushions of any size or shape, that can embellish and brighten up the environment. You can also create a pillow to give it as gifts: the gifts made with their own hands, in fact, are always those that are worth more. In this guide we will find out how to create a heart-shaped pillow that you can donate, for example, for Valentine’s Day to your partner or partner. Or for a newborn baby, with the baby’s name on it. Or just for the desire to have it. A heart-shaped pillow can be a romantic decoration for a bed or an armchair, or for a sober or shabby chic style.
Mark the center of both long sides of the fabric with a pin or a clip by folding the short sides together and placing your mark along the fold (pink clip on the picture). Starting from this point, measure 25 cm towards the short edges in both directions on the upper and lower part of the fabric. Place the pins or clips to mark these points (purple on the photo). With the right above, fold the end of the fabric towards you to overlap it in the middle. The distance between the two folds should be 50 cm and the folded sections should have more or less the same size. The external points you have placed in the previous step mark the corners of your pillowcase. Stops the fabric along both sides as in the picture. Sew straight along the top and bottom of the pillowcase, keeping a seam allowance of 2.5 cm on each side, but you can also place the cushion shape on top to mark its width if you can help, or check that the distance between the edges are 50 cm.

First of all procure and arrange the materials that will be used to make the cushion on the work surface.

The fabric to be used can be recovered from a jersey or a garment that has been discarded, or bought in haberdashery. It is preferable that the color of the fabric is red for the theme of Valentine’s Day; pink or light blue for newborns; or the color we like the most. With the help of a pencil, well-sharpened, without too much pressure on the fabric, draw the shape of a heart of the size that you like best. Or draw the outline on a card, to be used as a model. Remember to leave a few inches more that will serve during sewing.

Cut out the edges accurately with the help of scissors suitable for fabrics. If the fabric tends to fray, make a hem by hand or with the sewing machine. Once the shape of the first heart is obtained, proceed to make a second heart of the same size, using the newly created one as the basic “shape”. To make fringes, the outer edges must be at least ten centimeters. Finally, depending on the use and your tastes, adorn the cushion fabric with embroidery, ornaments or beads, before sewing the pillow.

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Carefully overlay the two cloth hearts. Care must be taken to leave the part where the pencil marks can be seen externally, so that they are hidden by the padding. Then sew the pillow using cotton of the same color as the chosen fabric. Or if you want to make visible seams, you can use a color that creates contrast with the color of the fabric. Sew the ends of the two backwards together: start to join the edges, trying to give very small points that create little thickness. Avoid sewing the entire edge, in order to leave a rather abundant opening that will be used to insert the padding.